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More about this website.

How to get listed and become a site sponsor

You have to contact the webmaster of the site and state your intention to get your establishment listed on the page of your city/suburb/town. Listing on the page of your city/suburb/town is completely free with some limitations.

About the Purpose

When planning a holiday or a business trip you can make arrangements through a travel agent or you can do it yourself. Both ways has its own advantages. The aim of this website is to provide contact information for accommodation and camping options in South Africa. The type of services rendered by establishments listed will be shown seperately.

About the Author

Erich Laubscher, on pension but not retired. Born BC (before computers) and most definitely diagnosed with TB (technological blockage).

About the Origin

Many moons ago, before internet was available to all people, I bought my first computer. This was a two floppy system, no hard drive, state of the art desktop computer. No way anything could be ‘Googled’. No electronic bookings.

About the best information you needed in planning a holiday came from the tourism offices of municipalities. That was all done by snail mail and when requesting information a standard address looked like: The Tourism Office, Municipal Office, (name of town). A week or three later you received an information pack from them.

From these information packs I created a file per town with information about the specific town’s accommodation and some other information for things to do and to see.


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New Website

  • First of all, I want to apologize for the inconvenience over the past three days (2018/01/16-18). I think this will be worth the while.
  • It was long due to rewrite the site (1270 pages) to new and faster technology and the best is that the site is now also mobile friendly. Yes, that is correct, it had to be rewritten page by page. The first page on 2017/02/19.
  • There were some major changes to the structure of the site and at this moment redirects were set-up for the top 400 pages. The remaining pages will redirect to the home page of the new site and will get redirects when used. Please use the Site Search to navigate to your request.
  • Last but not the least, please help me to make the site a better experience. You can send me information through the Contact Page.

Teething problems

  • 2018/02/20 Another apology for the major disturbances on the site from 2018/01/28-31. Had some major Brute Force Attacks on the site, but we survived. The past two weeks the site was about trouble free and the past week the down time was 0%.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

  • 2018/02/20 Since the site went live on 2018/01/16-18 I spent the greater part of my time on the SEO of the site and can report that the click through rate from Google search results showed a major improvement. At least there is also a major growth in the usage by mobile devices.
  • The new site started off with 1270 pages and currently there are 1288 pages, a growth of 19 pages. Of these there are 385 pages that urgently need SEO improvement, 675 pages the SEO are ok and 228 pages the SEO are good. The aim is to having all the pages with a good SEO.
  • In the meantime broken links have a major effect on the success of the site. Tested today no broken links were found of 1641 unique url’s in 9062 links. All links are tested in a sickle of 72 hours.

Best regards,

Erich Laubscher

About, Easy Travellers online Guide for South Africa
About, Easy Travellers online Guide for South Africa

Alphabetical list of pages for South African cities, provinces, regions, suburbs and towns.

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Find Accommodation by City, Suburb, Settlement, Town or Village. If you are looking for accommodation in South Africa in a specific City, Suburb, Settlement, Town or Village, but are not sure which South African province it is in, jump to the letter the City, Suburb, Settlement, Town or Village name starts with and then select the name from the list provided. Most noteworthy is that this list is not necessarily a complete list of all towns in South Africa. Please help us if this seems to be incorrect. You can leave a reply at the bottom of the page or go to the contact page. In conclusion, this list may contain the same town more than once because of name changes that happened over the years.