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Accommodation, Camping, Guest Houses and Holiday Resorts for Underberg, Kwa Zulu-Natal Province, South Africa

Amberways, Underberg

Type: Self Catering
Description: 5 bedrooms, sleeps 10
Physical address: On estate, 20kms from Underberg

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Berghaven Log Cabin, Underberg

Type: Self Catering
Bed capacity: 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom holiday home.
Contact: Caryn Walker.
Cell: 082 041 1969
E-mail: [email protected]

Bergview Mountain Chalet, Underberg

Type: Self Catering
Bed capacity: 4 bedrooms.
Physical address: 14 Reserviour Crescent, Underberg.
GPS Co-ordinates: 29°44’47.48”S, 29°30’22.75”E
Contact: Caryn Walker.
Cell: 082 041 1969
E-mail: [email protected]

Birches and the Willows B&B, Underberg

Type: Bed and Breakfast
Postal address: PO Box 17, Underberg, 3257.
Contact: Huck and Elsabé Orban.
Tel: 033 701 1589 / 033 701 1469
Cell: 082 441 8214
E-mail: [email protected]

Castleburn Shareblock, Underberg

Time Share
Grading: 3 star
Description: 14 chalets
Physical address: Drakensberg Gardens Road
Tel: 033 701 1405/6 and Fax: 033 701 1634

Drakensburg Gardens, Underberg

Grading: 3 star Underberg Description: 87 bedrooms, Conference facilities.
Physical address: Drakensberg Gardens
Tel: 033 701 1355 and Fax: 033 701 1355

Eagles’ Rock Mountain Retreat, Underberg

Type: Self Catering
Grading: 3 star.
Bed capacity: 7 self catering units.
Postal address: PO Box 495, Underberg, 3257.
Physical address: Drakensberg Gardens Road
Contact: Dr Gavin King
Tel: 033 701 1757
Fax: 086 518 1232
Cell: 082 781 1430 / 087 802 1288
E-mail: [email protected]

Elgin Cottage, Underberg

Type: Bed and Breakfast
Description: 1 bedroom
Physical address: Elgin Farm, Drakensberg Gardens Road
Tel: 033 701 1521 and Fax: 033 701 1521

Khotso Lodge & Horse Trails, Underberg.

Type: Backpackers, Camping, Horse Riding, Overlanders, Self Catering.
Description: Khotso has been offering horse riding in the Southern Drakensberg for well over a decade and making this most incredible activity accessible to all intrepid travellers visiting this beautiful mountain range. The largest horse trails specialist in the area, we see ourselves as the perfect basecamp both to explore and to unwind. Khotso means peace. We are the only operator running regular and bespoke multi-day cross-border horseback expeditions into the untouched wilds of Lesotho and we offer a range of unique accommodation.
Bed capacity: Whether you choose our rustic Backpackers Lodge, iconic self-catering Rondawels, pristine campsite or magnificent hand-built log cabin, we’ll have something ideal for your solo trip, your romantic getaway or your group of friends.
On-site activities: Access to the 1,300 hectare farm, with hiking trails, mountain streams and 5 km of the beautiful Umzimkulu river.
Physical address: Drakensberg Gardens Road, Southern Drakensberg, Underberg, KwaZulu-Natal Province, South Africa.
Contact: Steve Black.
Cell: +27 82 412 5540
E-mail: [email protected]
Last edited: 2019-06-08

Lake Naverone, Underberg

Type: Self Catering, Wedding Venue
Description: Lake Naverone is an idyllic Berg retreat where you and your family can enjoy a true natural experience amidst this World Heritage site, all year round. The lake and surrounding 400-hectare estate, provide an awesome environment for a variety of outdoor activities such as trout fishing (river and lake), hiking, mountain biking, horse riding, birding and photography.
Bed capacity: We have 21 picturesque stone cottages, some situated on the lakeside and some in tranquil clearings shadowed by the surrounding woods. Our cottages vary in size from 2 sleepers to 12 sleepers.
In-room facilities: In addition to electric lights, fridge (with freezer compartment), stove and plug points, they all have fireplaces and private braai facilities. A free basket of firewood is supplied daily. The cottages are fully equipped and serviced daily by cleaning staff, all linen (i.e. blankets, sheets, pillowcases and towels) is supplied. Cots can be provided on request.
On-site activities: Trout fishing (river and lake), hiking, mountain biking, horse riding, birding and photography. A well maintained 1000 m landing strip and hireable lock-up hangar make it easily accessible by air.
Location: Lake Naverone is situated 30 km from Underberg on a newly tarred road.
GPS CoordinatesS 290 44.875’ E 290 16.030’
Contact: Paul and Jenny van Tichelen
Tel: +27 33 701 1236
Fax: +27 33 701 1289
E-mail[email protected]
Last edited: 2019-03-31

Orchid Valley Lodge, Underberg

Type: Self Catering
Bed capacity: 2  self-catering lodges, the Mountain Lodge sleeps 9 and the Forest Lodge sleeps 6.
Cell: 082 902 8970
E-mail: [email protected]

Penwarn Country Lodge, Underberg

Type: Lodge, Self Catering, Team Building, Wedding Venue
Bed capacity: 6 bedrooms and 2 self catering options
Location: Bushmansnek road
Contact: Barbara or Peter Dommett
Tel: 033 701 1368
Cell: 076 790 2419
E-mail: [email protected]

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Pile-Inn, Underberg

Type: Bed and Breakfast
Grading: 3 star.
Bed capacity: 4 en-suite bedrooms.
Contact: Ian and Sue Pile.
Tel: 033 701 2496
Cell: 082 487 4998 / 072 155 1992

Riverlea Guest Farm, Underberg

Type: Self Catering
Bed capacity: 2 fully-equipped self-catering cottages, each in its own private setting.
Contact: Spurgeon Flemington
Tel/Fax: 033 701 1145
E-mail: [email protected]co.za

Rocky Mountain Lodge, Underberg

Type: Guest Farm, Self Catering
Bed capacity: Two 4 bedroom cottages sleep up to 12 persons each.
Contact: Rocco & Em Bonsma
Tel: 033 701 1676
Fax2Email: 086 639 5950
Cell: 082 577 6771
E-mail: [email protected]

Sani Lodge Backpackers, Underberg

Type: Backpackers, Camping, Dormitory, Restaurant, Self Catering
Grading: 4 star
GPS Co-ordinates: 29deg 39min 46 sec south 29deg 27min 24 sec east
Contact: Russell and Simone Suchet
Tel: 033 702 0330
Fax2Email: 086 514 7915
Cell: 083 987 3071
Cell (SMS only): 076 671 5891
E-mail: [email protected]

Silverstreams Country Estate & Caravan Park, Underberg

Type: Convenience Store, Self Catering, Tent & Caravan Park.
GPS Co-ordinates: S29° 50.688′ E29° 12.841′
Tel: 033 701 1249
Fax2Email: 086 576 5871
Cell: 082 331 6670 / 082 859 8619
E-mail: [email protected]

Stoneyhall Farm, Underberg

Type: Self Catering
Contact: Santie
Tel: 033 701 1883
Cell: 072 447 4340
E-mail: [email protected]

Taylor’s Bed and Breakfast, Underberg

Description: 3 bedrooms
Physical address: The Banks Farm
Tel: 033 701 2011/2012

Tumble In B&B, Underberg

Type: Bed and Breakfast
Bed capacity: 4 comfortable bed-sitters en-suite
Physical address: 60 Sani Road
Tel: 033 701 1556
Fax2Email: 086 694 5379
E-mail: [email protected]

Umzimkulu River Lodge, Underberg

Type: Bed and Breakfast, Dinner Bed and Breakfast, Self Catering
Bed capacity: 8 fully equipped self catering units
Location: Coleford road
Cell: 076 237 9112 / 084 804 5458
E-mail: [email protected]

Valemount Country Lodge, Underberg

Type: Bed and Breakfast
Bed capacity: 6 en-suite bedrooms
Location: Corrie Annat Farm, R617 Swartburg Road
Contact: Lynne & Gavin
Tel: 033 701 1686
Fax: 086 619 3211
Cell: 083 262 9783
E-mail: [email protected]

Underberg accommodation booking platform

Underberg, easy Travellers Online Guide for South Africa
Underberg, easy Travellers Online Guide for South Africa

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