South African towns F

An Alphabetical list of  South African towns F

Faerie GlenFairlandFalse Bay CoastFauresmithFerndaleFerryvaleFichardt ParkFicksburg,
FirgroveFish HoekFisherhavenFlamingo ParkFlamwood, FleurdalFlora ParkFloraunaFlorida,
Florida HillsFochvilleForest HillFort BeaufortFountainebleauFouriesburgFourwaysFrankfort,
FranschhoekFraserburgFree State ProvinceFresnayeFriendly N6Frontier CountryFynnlands.

Alphabetical list of pages for South African cities, provinces, regions, suburbs and towns

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Click on the letter above and get a list of towns (pages) that start with the specific letter. Except for the letter X.

Most noteworthy is that this list is not necessarily a complete list of all towns in South Africa. Please help us if this seems to be incorrect. You can leave a reply at the bottom of the page or go to the contact page.

In conclusion, this list may contain the same town more than once because of name changes that happened over the years.

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