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Accommodation, Camping, Guest Houses and Holiday Resorts for Kleinbaai, Western Cape Province, South Africa

Dyer Island View, Kleinbaai

Type: Self Catering
Physical address: 33 Hill Street
Contact: Hendrik and Annetjie Krugel
Cell: 084 582 6568/083 313 0506
E-mail: [email protected]

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Fort Wiltshire, Kleinbaai

Type: Holiday Home
Physical address: 10 Snoek Street
Contact: Karen Slater
Cell: 082 462 6422/082 776 4408

Great White Shark Self Catering Apartments, Kleinbaai

Type: Self Catering
Grading: 3 star
Description: Great White Shark Self Luxury Self Catering Apartments is situated in the heart of Kleinbaai, Gansbaai, just a stone’s throw from the Kleinbaai harbour where the thriving tourist industry of Great White Shark Cage Diving and Surface Viewing operates. A panoramic sea view and bustling harbour activity will keep visitors occupied as the shark boats depart each day to transport visitors from far and wide to Dyer Island for an exciting, adrenaline charged encounter with the Great White Sharks of Gansbaai.
Bed capacity: Great White Shark Self Catering Apartments offers 3 luxuriously appointed apartments & 1 spacious self-catering guest suite. It is situated in the seaside resort village of Kleinbaai, Gansbaai. The double story home is divided up in such a way that there are 1 Apartments on the upper level; the communal entertainment area and the self-catering guest suite. 2 Apartments are on the ground level. The upper level have stunning sea views.
In-room facilities: Apartments are serviced daily.
Physical address: 9 Van Dyk Street, Van Dyks Bay
GPS Co-ordinates: Latitude: -34.613767, Longitude: 19.355485
Cell: +27 76 862 2224
E-mail: [email protected]
Last edited: 2018-04-18

Marine Guest House, Kleinbaai

Physical address: 32 Hill Street
Tel 028 384 0641
Cell: 082 784 6224
E-mail: [email protected]

Nell’s Bed and Breakfast, Kleinbaai

Type: Bed and Breakfast
Physical address: 10 Du Toit Street
Restrictions: Pets are not allowed. Non-smoking rooms.
Contact: Naomi
Tel/Fax: 028 384 0248
Cell: 082 853 3744

The Great White House, Kleinbaai

Physical address: Geelbek Street
Tel: 028 384 3273
E-mail: [email protected]

White Shark Guest House, Kleinbaai

Type: Bed and Breakfast, Self Catering
Description: On the first floor balcony soak up the African sun, pour a glass of our local wine or sit back, relax and enjoy the spectacular sunset over the ocean.
Bed capacity: Five en-suite bedrooms and one 2 bedroom, both en-suite,  self catering cottage.
On-site activities: Dining options are available upon request.
Physical address: 2 Geelbek Street
GPS Co-ordinates: Latitude: – 34.615299 Longitude: + 19.352323
Contact: Rene Beukes
Fax2Email: +27 86 547 1749
Cell: +27 82 777 4814
E-mail: [email protected]
Last edited: 2018-04-18

Kleinbaai accommodation booking platform

About Kleinbaai, Western Cape Province, South Africa

  • About 6km from Gansbaai
  • Also known as Van Dyks Bay / Van Dyksbaai.

Kleinbaai accommodation booking platform

Things to do in Kleinbaai, Western Cape Province, South Africa

  • Dangerpoint Lighthouse
  • Shark cage diving
  • Whale watching

Kleinbaai accommodation booking platform

Kleinbaai, easy Travellers Online Guide for South Africa
Kleinbaai, easy Travellers Online Guide for South Africa

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