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King William’s Town

King William’s Town is related to the following pages: Eastern Cape Province, Frontier Country, Sunshine Coast

Accommodation, Camping, Guest Houses and Holiday Resorts for King William’s Town, Eastern Cape Province, South Africa.

Amatola Mountain View Guest House, King William’s Town.

Type: Guest House
Grading: 3 star
Room facilities: One has a choice of single, double or a family room. Each room is en-suite and equipped with all amenities including satellite TV.
Physical address: 14 Gerhardt Street, Fort Hill
GPS Co-ordinates: 32 deg 52 min 39.20 sec South 27 deg 23 min 51.27 sec East
Contact: Pat Speirs
Tel/Fax: 043 642 1747
Cell: 082 535 9659
Last edited: 2017/12/29

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Amatole Guest House.

Physical address: 5 Shaw Street
Tel: 043 642 1047
Fax: 043 642 2619
Cell: 082 784 8567
Contact: Helette Erasmus

Dreamers Guest House.

Grading: 3 star
On-site facilities: Dinners and Lunches on request.
Physical address: 29 Gordon Street, Hospital Hill
Contact: Quinta
Tel: 043 642 3012
Fax: 086 677 6016
Cell: 082 923 3870

El Shaddai Guest House.

Physical address: 46 Lower Mount Street
Tel: 043 642 1011
Cell: 082 790 3970

Grosvenor Guest House.

Type: Guest House
Grading: 2 star
Bed capacity: 10 bedrooms
Physical address: 10 Bryson Street
Tel: 043 643 3107
Fax: 043 642 4772

Grosvenor Lodge.

Type: Hotel
Grading: 3 star
Site facilities: Conference facilities.
Bed capacity: 19 bedrooms
Physical address: 48 Taylor Street
Tel: 043 642 1440
Fax: 043 642 4772

Hubertha Guest House, King Williams Town.

Type: Bed and Breakfast, Guest House
Grading: 3 star.
Bed capacity: 10 en-suite bedrooms.
On-site facilities: Home cooked meals on request. Ample safe parking.
Physical address: 5 Shaw Street
Contact: Tinus & Helette.
Tel: 043 642 1047
Fax2Email: 086 545 6975
Cell: 082 784 8567

Municipal Caravan Park.

Type: Tent & Caravan Park
Tel: 043 642 3450
Fax: 043 642 2646

Panorama Guest House.

Physical address: 17 Panorama Drive
Tel/Fax: 043 642 2663
Cell: 082 784 8562
Contact: Hannelie

Reflections Bed and Breakfast.

Type: Bed and Breakfast
Tel/Fax: 043 642 1128

Twin’s Guest House, King William’s Town.

Physical address: 28 Gordon Street
Tel/Fax: 043 642 1149
Cell: 083 550 0065/083 635 3133
Contact: Quinta or Alida Jacobsz

King William’s Town accommodation booking platform

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